Nothing says comfort more than a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea. I remember at a young age learning how to use the sewing machine and attempting to make skirts and bags out of old pairs of jeans. My passion for sewing faded as I got older, but reemerged later when I found myself navigating different processes in my first year fiber class in University.
In the beginning I found the structure of the loom intimidating but soon grew to love the different combinations of colours and patterns that could be created by methodically weaving threads over and under. My discovery of the hand loom was during this time too and it prompted me to slowly use it as a tool to keep my hands busy during anxious times. Similarly, hand sewing and embroidery became more sculptural to me. I enjoy sewing small plants objects and food out of felt. This has been a fun ongoing project of mine.

I am currently open for commissions in all mediums and you can find my work for sale through the store link above.