Hello, my name is Emma Moore

I am an Artist 

About Me

My name is Emma and I love to paint with watercolour. I also enjoy exploring all different types of art making. I believe that art is something that should be accessible to all and is a tool that can be used to teach and bridge gaps within different communities.

My work mainly explores botanical and foliage as well as the creatures that live among them. 

In addition to painting I also dabble in hand sewing/weaving, embroidery, and pottery. I have experience in digital art making and print based media.
I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2018 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting.

I have taught painting classes both individually and in group settings. I am currently open for commissions which you can request by contacting me.

When I'm not creating, you'll find me exploring the natural landscapes of Ontario as well as the hidden gems in the city of Toronto.

Makers Market

In addition to my online shop, you can find my work at Makers Market located in Toronto, Ontario.

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